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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Missing - Two Sophie Anderson Short Stories by P.D. Martin

The Missing by P.D. Martin
My Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

Title:  The Missing
Author:  P.D. Martin
Length:  38 pages
Publisher:  Murderati Ink
Published:  March 4, 2012
Genres:  Fiction; Suspense
Subjects:  Criminal Profilers; Kidnapping

The Missing is two Sophie Anderson short stories - one set before book 1 in the series (Body Count) and one set after Body Count. The first five books in PD Martin's Sophie Anderson series have been released in 13 countries to date, and to international acclaim. 

Story 1: Sophie Anderson is working in Victoria Police's homicide department when her boss assigns her to a local kidnapping case. Her boss's deal is simple: 'Find my friend's ten-year-old daughter and I'll send you on the FBI course you've been nagging me about.' But Sophie doesn't need incentive to rescue a young girl. She throws herself into the case, racing against the clock to bring the girl home...only too aware of what the perpetrator might be doing to her. 

Story 2: Sophie Anderson is still a relative newcomer to the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit when her profiling skills are called on for a kidnapping case in DC. Presidential candidate Senator Keen's daughter is missing and Sophie's mission is simple: find her and keep it quiet. But as Sophie investigates the senator and the daughter who's kept out of the public eye, she discovers more than a straight case of kidnapping.

My Review:
These books go right along with true Sophie Anderson fashion!  I was particularly happy to get some more insight on Sophie's life in Australia!

I think that P.D. Martin is a phenomenal writer, and I certainly appreciate in her writing that she educates the readers on different techniques that she is writing about.  I feel like I have a better knowledge of how Profiling and FBI Procedures work from reading her books.  I just have a better general sense of understanding for what's going on when reading one of Martin's books!

Even though the stories were short, they seemed to be the perfect length to get the story across!  I really enjoyed the fact that Story 2 had an alternate ending that was available to readers!  Both endings were great endings, but very different from each other, so it was very cool!

Overall, as with all of Martin's other books, I loved The Missing just as much as I have all of her others!  I am only saddened by the thought that I am halfway through her series, and am just hoping that she comes out with some new books very soon!!

Would I Recommend This Book to Others:
I would!  It was an easy, quick read!  I absolutely LOVE this series!

Stand Alone or Part of a Series:
Part of a Series

  • Sophie Anderson (2 Short Stories - 1st takes place before Book 1, second takes place after Book 1)
My Rating:  4 of 5 Bookworms


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