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Sunday, September 6, 2015

As Night Falls by Jenny Milchman {eBook & Audio}

As Night Falls by Jenny Milchman
My Rating:  5 of 5 Stars

Title:  As Night Falls
Author:  Jenny Milchman
Series:  Stand Alone
Narrator:  Susie Berneis
Length:  eBook - 385 pages; Unabridged; 12 hours and 17 minutes (Audio)
Publisher:  Ballentine Books (eBook)Dreamscape Media, LLC (Audio)
Published: June 30, 2015 (eBook) July 21, 2015 (Audio)
Source: Publisher via NetGalley
Format:  eBook & Audio
Genres:  Fiction; Psychological Fiction; Mystery; Suspense
Subjects:  Escaped Prisioners; Brothers and Sisters; Family Secrets

Sandy Tremont has always tried to give her family everything. But as the sky darkens over the Adirondacks and a heavy snowfall looms, an escaped murderer with the power to take it all away draws close.

In her isolated home in the shadowy woods, Sandy prepares dinner after a fight with her daughter, Ivy. Upstairs, the fifteen-year-old - smart, brave, and with every reason to be angry tonight - keeps her distance from her mother. Sandy’s husband, Ben, a wilderness guide, arrives late to find a home simmering with unease.

Nearby, two desperate men on the run make their way through the fading light, bloodstained and determined to leave no loose ends or witnesses. After almost twenty years as prison cellmates, they have become a deadly team: Harlan the muscle, Nick the mind and will. As they approach a secluded house and look through its windows to see a cozy domestic scene, Nick knows that here he will find what he’s looking for...before he disappears forever.

Opening the door to the Tremont home, Nick brings not only a legacy of terror but a secret that threatens to drag Sandy with him into the darkness.

©2015 Jenny Milchman (P)2015 Dreamscape Media, LLC  

My Review:
I haven't found a Jenny Milchman book that I haven't LOVED and considered one of my favorite books and As Night Falls is no different!  I've had the true pleasure of obtaining a copy of each of her books early as a reviewer, and never at any point in time, have I been disappointed with her writing.  She is proving herself to be an amazing writing, and I found myself just as excited at a new Milchman release as I am about a Lisa Gardner release!  This writer has got it going on, and I believe has carved her name in the Mystery/Psychological/Suspense genres!

Milchman is a professional at creating intricate, totally interweaving plots that keep you on the edge of your seat and guessing what is going to happen next throughout the entire book!  She writes about these incredibly strong characters that peak my interest and make me want to learn more about them!  I don't think there are enough adjectives to describe how great her stories and characters are!  Her entire story is pulse-pounding with many intense dramatic effects, clear to the very end!

I think that Susie Berneis was a perfect fit as a Narrator for this title. She seemed to fit the character perfectly and managed handling different voices like a pure professional.  She was a sheer joy to listen to, kept me entertained throughout, at times allowing me to be lost in the story!  Stellar performance from Susie Berneis!

Overall, I think that As Night Falls is one of 2015's MUST READ stories!  If you haven't read it yet, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR????  If you have read it, I'm sure you will agree...This is a phenomenal story that will knock your socks off!  

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Disclaimer:  This book was provided to me by the Publisher, Ballentine Books (Random House), via NetGalley, in return for an honest and unbiased review.


All blogs and reviews posted here are the sole property of the blogger and represent my very own opinions. In some cases, books reviewed are supplied to me in exchange for an honest review. Such cases will be noted on the blog post.

All other books reviewed have been purchased or borrowed through the normal channels.

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