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Monday, August 31, 2015

The Murderer's Daughter by Jonathan Kellerman {e-Book & Audio}

The Murderer's Daughter by Jonathan Kellerman
My Rating:  3 of 5 Stars

Title:  The Murderer's Daughter
Author:  Jonathan Kellerman
Series:  Stand Alone
Narrator:  Kathe Mazur
Length:  eBook - 385 pages; Unabridged; 14 hours and 05 minutes (Audio)
Publisher:  Ballentine Books (eBook)Random House Audio (Audio)
Published: August 18, 2015 (eBook & Audio)
Source: Publisher via NetGalley
Format:  eBook & Audio
Genres:  Fiction; Psychological Fiction; Mystery; Suspense; Detective Fiction
Subjects:  Women Psychologists; Risk-Taking (Psychology); Murder Investigation

From the number-one New York Times best-selling creator of the acclaimed Alex Delaware series comes a tour-de-force novel that introduces an unforgettable new heroine and illustrates perfectly why "Jonathan Kellerman has justly earned his reputation as a master of the psychological thriller" (People).

Brilliant, beautiful, and stunningly effective, psychologist Dr. Grace Blades has a special gift for treating troubled souls and healing tormented psyches - perhaps because she bears her own invisible scars. Only five years old when she witnessed her parents die in a bloody murder-suicide, Grace took refuge in her towering intellect and found comfort in the loving couple who adopted her. But as an adult, Grace's accomplished professional life vies with a covert, high-risk dark side, played out harrowingly. And when Grace's two worlds shockingly converge, her past returns with a vengeance.

The crisis begins when the busy therapist encounters a new patient whose own bleak past seems to eerily echo her own grim childhood. But there's a complication: She's met Andrew Toner before, under bizarre circumstances, and must refuse to treat him. Thinking that this is the last she'll hear of the young man, Grace is stunned to learn he was murdered soon after leaving her office, a vicious crime that leads a homicide investigation to her doorstep.

Shaken by the killing and fearing exposure of her double life, Grace sets out to probe the crime herself. But when she stumbles on the dead man's true identity, a horrifying chapter from her childhood is violently reawakened, forcing her to confront a decades-old act of evil that cries out for retribution. Suddenly stalked by vicious predators, Grace must draw upon the fierce will to survive that has powered her entire life while facing down her darkest personal demons.

©2015 Jonathan Kellerman (P)2015 Random House Audio  

My Review:
This is my first Jonathan Kellerman read, but I can't say that I was thoroughly thrilled while reading The Murderer's Daughter.  I think that Kellerman shows that he's a creative genius and has excellent writing skills, I just don't think this book displays his full potential.  

I really like the idea of the story, but it is hard to follow the way it flashes back and forth between present day and the past in the life of Dr. Grace Blades.  I think the concept of the story and the characters are unique, but I think that the story could have been delivered better, less complicating.

When listening to an audiobook, a narrator can either make or break a story, and this narrator, Kathe Mazur delivers a decent performance, thus garnering a little better rating from me!  She saved the story for me, as I felt that she was a great fit for Grace!

I can't say that this was my favorite book that I've ever read, however, it won't stop me from trying another Kellerman book.  It wasn't a painful read, it just didn't excite me as much as other books have, basically leaving me a mediocre feeling toward the story!

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Disclaimer:  This book was provided to me by the Publisher, Ballentine Books (Random House), via NetGalley, in return for an honest and unbiased review.


All blogs and reviews posted here are the sole property of the blogger and represent my very own opinions. In some cases, books reviewed are supplied to me in exchange for an honest review. Such cases will be noted on the blog post.

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