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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Last to Know by Elizabeth Adler {Audio}

Last to Know by Elizabeth Adler
My Rating:  3 of 5 Stars

Title:  Last To Know
Author:  Elizabeth Adler
Narrator:  Joe Barrett & Amy Rubinate
Series:  Stand Alone
Length:  Unabridged; 7 hours, 46 minutes (Audio)
Publisher:  Blackstone Audio (Audio);
Published:  July 22, 2014
Source: Publisher via Audiobook Jukebox
Format:  Audiobook; MP3 Download
Genres:  Fiction; Mystery
Subjects:  Detective/Mystery; Families; Murder/Investigation

A killer targets a peaceful lakeside community, and one family is changed forever by secrets and lies. Evening Lake is idyllic, peaceful, with a close-knit community of families who have been coming to this western Massachusetts getaway for decades. Then newcomer Lacey Havnel and her daughter, Bea, move in. They are nothing like the well-heeled families who populate Evening Lake. Mysterious and rough around the edges, they keep to themselves. Detective Harry Jordan sees his lake home as a respite from solving crimes on the streets of Boston. The Osborne family views their cottage as a way to avoid the distractions of life - especially for Wally Osborne, a famous horror writer who seems to need the peace and quiet more than anyone. One night, Harry is walking alongside the lake when the night is rocked by an explosion: the Havnel house is engulfed in a conflagration, and young Bea is seen fleeing, hair on fire, and plunging into the lake. She survives, but her mother does not, and Harry is pulled into the investigation. Unbeknownst to the rest of the community, Diz Osborne, the youngest Osborne son, carries a weighty secret about who else he saw rowing on the lake that night. When it's discovered that Lacey died not from the explosion but from a knife wound, it's soon clear that a murderer is on the loose. And this murderer is poised to strike again and again. Told with Elizabeth Adler's inimitable style, illuminating descriptions, and intricate family dynamics, Last to Know is the definition of a pause-resister.                                                                        ©2014 Elizabeth Adler (P)2014 Blackstone Audiobooks

My Review:
This is my second Elizabeth Adler book and I am becoming increasingly interested in her as an author.  I know that some people aren't a fan of her writing, as it does tend to be a little predictable at times, but none of that bothers me!  

Last to Know is action-packed and full of twists and turns that will keep your brain rolling, trying to figure out what is going to happen next, why, and who did it!  I think that Adler does an extraordinary job of keeping a reader entertained and having such creative plots!  It did feel a little slow to start, but I thoroughly enjoyed the different style of writing in that we heard thoughts from the killer throughout!  I absolutely loved that about this book!

Adler's characters are and interested mix, which gave the story more depth.  Just like every book and real life, you have your characters that you like and ones that you don't!  Some seem needy and whiny, while others are interesting and charismatic!  

I think that the narrator (in some ways) gave away who the killer was, or at least made it pretty evident what you should look for when looking for the killer, so that was a little disappointing.  I didn't mind listening to Amy Rubinate at all, however, I felt like Joe Barrett drug the first part of the story out too much, which almost caused me to lose interest!  Luckily, I pulled out of the funk, and ended up enjoying the remainder of the story.

I think that Elizabeth Adler has such unique writing abilities!  I am no expert, by any stretch of the imagination, but I would think that she would have a better response if her books were a little harder to figure out, with it taking at least a little longer than halfway through the book!  I know that a lot of people are turned off when they figure out what is happening early on, so postponing that could garner more positive attention!   I found that with Last to Know and the last book of hers that I read, Please Don't Tell, that I was able to figure out the who-dun-it at least half-way through the book!

Overall, I will still try more books from Elizabeth Adler, and enjoyed listening to Last to Know!

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Disclaimer:  This book was provided to me by the Publisher, Blackstone Audio, via Audiobook Jukebox,  in return for an honest and unbiased review.


All blogs and reviews posted here are the sole property of the blogger and represent my very own opinions. In some cases, books reviewed are supplied to me in exchange for an honest review. Such cases will be noted on the blog post.

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