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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Lethal Intent by Sue Russell

Lethal Intent by Sue Russell
My Rating:  1 of 5 Stars

Title:  Lethal Intent
Author:  Sue Russell
Series:  Stand Alone
Length:  Kindle - 576 pages
Publisher:  Kensington Publishing
Published:  December 3, 2013
Source:  Library
Genres:  Biography; Case Studies
Subjects:  Aileen Wuornos; Serial Murders - Florida; Women Serial Murderers

"A graphic portrait of evil." --M. William Phelps
"One of the best true crime books of all time." --Examiner.com
"The book to read about Aileen Wuornos--a case that has fascinated true crime fans from around the world." --True Crime Book Reviews
As a child, she was abandoned, abused and raped. By her teens, she was deep into a lifestyle of hitchhiking, petty crime, and the sex trade. In her twisted mind, uncontrollable bouts of violence were pure survival skills.
In 1986 she began a lesbian relationship with Tyria Moore. Three years later, tired of turning tricks, she fired four bullets into one of her clients--then robbed him. She claimed she killed six more victims before authorities finally locked her behind bars.
Award-winning journalist Sue Russell updates her harrowing and definitive real-life thriller with new details of the most famous female serial killer's decade on death row, her execution in 2002--and the lasting impact of her dark deeds.
The case that inspired the Academy Awarding-winning movie Monster
"A riveting and fascinating tale." --Robert Scott

My Review:
I just have to start out by saying that I have never in my life rating a book a 1-star book, and it absolutely kills me to do so, but I have to admit that it was probably the most painful book that I will ever force myself to complete, and that's what it was, total force!

I was quite excited to read this because after watching the movie monster, it was a subject that caught my attention!  But once I got started reading, I quickly realized that it was going to be difficult to finish this horrendously long novel!  I also quickly realized that there was so much unnecessary banter going on throughout the whole book!  Sue Russell could have cut this book in half, if she would have left out all of the things that weren't necessary to get the point across.  I felt that the story drug on throughout the entire book, without concise thoughts!  I felt like there was way too much going on in each and every chapter and that they were all over the place.  I recall one chapter I was reading where it was talking about Aileen when she was 16 then it went back to when she was younger, then when she was older than 16.  It just did not flow smoothly at all.

This book had such potential because Aileen Wuornos is quite the subject to write about, but I believe that this book was an epic failure!!  I really wanted so much more for it and from it and didn't get either!  Given that the book was just published, I would have seriously thought that there would have been some information about Aileen's execution, but the book just stopped after her trials.  With all the extra stuff that was included that could have been left out, I would have thought at least the whole entire story would have been told, but it wasn't.

On an upper note, I do think that Sue Russell really did devote to extreme research and really had the facts straight on Aileen and her life, I just felt that she didn't do the best job of putting that together in a story format.  There was just no semblance of order!  When a dear friend asked me what I thought about it, I told her that I felt like I was reading the world's worst and longest research paper!  I do think that Sue Russell was her own worst enemy, when it comes to this book!  I don't think that ALL of the research that she found, needed to be included.  It almost felt like the information was put together as she found it, rather than it being compiled in a timeline like format!

I have this thing that once I start a book, I just do not want to give up on it and just want to see it through until the end, so I felt somewhat obligated to finish this book, although most people would have tossed it (and have based on many other reviews!) after the first chapter!  I'm not sure if the author just isn't an experienced writer, or maybe isn't experienced in writing biographies, but I'm sure that this isn't her best work!  There aren't many books that I can say that I just straight out did not like, nor have I EVER rated a book a 1 star, but I just couldn't find any love in any crevice of my body for this book!  I hate that I had to give it such a low rating, however, I've NEVER had such difficulty in finishing and lack of enjoyment in a book...EVER!

My Rating:  1 of 5 Bookworms


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